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Lovely_Lauz | 18:19 Sat 25th Jul 2009 | Health & Fitness
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I eat less than 1200 calories a day try to keep off the carbs and do an hours workout 4-5 times a week. Any reason why I'm not losing weight? Any tips?

Thanks in advance


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how long have you been dieting? 1200 sounds quite restricted, are you eating healthy foods? sometimes it takes a while for the results to start showing
Are you 6stones to start with then?
what's your age, height and weight?
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Not so much health foods no - i dont eat snacks, just three meals a day and that adds up to just under 1200 calories.
Measure yourself with a tape measure as you may be losing inches. Are your clothes getting looser?

Also check fat count as well as calorie as that can make a difference. Sugar can also be misleading in things like fruit and especially fruit juices.

Weightwatchers is a good system as it takes all these kind of things into account.

Go for a well balanced diet as your body needs a certain amount of carbs and fat to work properly.

Depending on the exercise you are doing you may be putting on muscle which weighs more itself.

Also only weigh yourself at the same time of day naked as you will get better results as weight fluctuates during the day.

Thinks like time of the month and water retention can affect weight, all kinds of things.

Aim for fit and healthy you won't go far wrong.
1200 seems very low, espeically as you are working out so often. Perhaps your body is storing the fat because after a work out your calorie intake could be around 800 per day which effectively would "starve" your body (a person in a coma requires 600 to function) or maybe your body is just becoming more muscly - muscle weighs more than fat and so could effect the scales. It is important to eat carbs if you are working out that often, just make sure you eat good carbs, not bad ones.
I tried every diet without much success until my GP worked with me to lose some 15 stones over this past year.
He reminds me over and over again to lose weight I must count calories

In order to lose weight, fewer calories must be consumed than expended:

Woman and inactive men generally need to consume approximately 2,000 calories to maintain there current weight.

While very active men and active women need to consume approximately 2,500 calories to maintain there current weight.

In order for me to lose weight I Count Calories, I keep track of all the food I consume each day so I consume less than 1800 calories per day..

My GP also prescribed Reductil, a very strong appetite suppressant. I just take one Reductil diet pill
in the early afternoon and I am not hungry nor do I crave my favorite food - chocolate for the entire afternnon.

You have to count calories I tried all kinds of diet in the past but they did not work. Think about it if you
eat more calories than you use these calories are going to be stored as fat and you are going to gain weight.

I you want more information on counting calories and weight loss just visit the website my GP gave me:
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