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Are these symptoms having come off HRT

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eyeshade | 09:58 Thu 19th Feb 2009 | Health & Fitness
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My doctor has taken me off HRT having been on it now for 16 years following cervical cancer. There was no weaning off or anything, straight off - cold turkey! The worst of all the symptoms are the pounding headaches once I have gone to sleep. I wake up after about two hours of sleep and my pulse is racing and my head pounding so much I can hardly put my head on the pillow. This has been going on now for about 4 weeks and quite franky I am drained and extremely low. Work is being affected and I have been back to docs 3 times now who eventually gave me something for the painful sex but quite frankly I feel like s**t let alone sex! Mr ES seems to be running out of patience and getting irate with me (after 30 years you would think he would know better !). Do you think the headaches are due to the HRT or is it a lack of exercise which the doctor said it was the last time I went. Blood pressue isn't too bad. Would love to know if anyone else has had this.


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why did he take you off them?
i'm surprised the doctor had you go 'cold turkey', as far as i'm aware, you have to be gradually weaned off hrt. i've never been on it myself, but my sister was (hysterectomy in her 30's) and she was weaned off it when she was about 55. she suffered the usual menopause symptoms for a while but they gradually wore off. she never suffered headaches like you're experiencing though. i can't believe that lack of exercise is the cause of them, half the country would be having them :) i'd go back and see a different doctor if you can, headaches like you're experiencing should be looked into.
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Gina, doc took me off it because you are only supposed to be on it for about 10 years at the most and I had been on it too long and if you are on for too long there is an added risk of breast cancer.
ethelandron, I agree, I can't see it being excercise, and quite frankly I was quite taken aback by the comment.
The headaches are worrying and may have to have yet another visit to the quack as nobody seems to have suffered from this one.

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Are these symptoms having come off HRT

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