running tips.. where is Jayne?

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sara3 | 18:15 Sun 10th Aug 2008 | Health & Fitness
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I've been walking quite a lot recently, just for the exercise, and now I think the time has come to break into a run :o)

I'm in good health, not overweight, don't smoke, but am probably not very fit (only in the active sense, you understand!). I have also suffered with shin-splints in the past.

so.. what tips do you have for a newbie jogger/ runner?


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Hi Sassy
Yeah, can you give me tips on how to overcome shinsplints too please, Jayne?
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hey Lakitu, welcome back :o)
Thank you, Sara :o) x
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hi Jayne.. it was a serious question.. help me out here before I change my mind!
Did either of you get shin splints from running in the first place? It's a common runner's injury.
Make sure you are wearing supportive running shoes, they can help relieve shin splints. Some good sport shoe shops, like Asics have a computerised treadmill, which will show running gait, so correct shoes can be selected.

I advise my clients, when they want to start running to build up gradually and slowly. So you could walk for 4 minutes, jog for 2. Eventually you should be able to build up your running time and speed.
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*hand up*

me :o(
I'm not a regular runner because I get them, even if I stretch and warm up, I get them :(
either alter your running style so you land on the ball of the foot or toes more than the heel or get a pair of really well rear cushioned running shoes

Or go for low impact exercise instead of jogging.
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thanks Velvetee. I plan to break myself in gently!

I'll see if I can find an Asics shop.
Okay. The way that your foot moves when you run is a slight twisting motion. eg. a lot of runners roll across the outside of their foot, and then push off with the weight on the ball, behind the big toe.

This means your lower leg is constantly twisting ...
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nk, it was just a tad more technical than that but thanks for giving it your best shot.

specific stretching exercises, etc.

Chuck, I can't imagine not landing on my heels. I'll have a go.. the neighbours may laugh!

Other people are getting the answer in here too, but it's important to get a pair of shoes that are right for the way your foot moves.

You don't need to pay a lot of money, but you do need to buy from a shop where they will look at how you run, and give you the right shoes.

Always warm up your lower legs, by exaggerating the movement of your feet before you break into a run.
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I haven't seen a shop that may look at how you run. I assume it's not the average retail park sports shop that is staffed by kids?
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There's a shop called Sweatshop on Finchley High Road. That doesn't look far from St Albans (bit far from Scotland).

They seem to have a treadmill, and will make sure you get the right shape shoe.

Are you a member of a gym? Toe presses are good for getting your lower legs used to the motion. Or, stand on a step with your toes on the step, and your heels off the edge, and slowly raise and lower yourself.

Running on a soft surface, like grass or sand, reduces the impact (and is GREAT for your bum) but there tend to be more things to trip over.
noknowledge's answer goes well with my one where I said find a low impact form of exercise.

Cycling or swimming is just as good for exercise and both place far less strain on your body than running.

I really should start swimming again!

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running tips.. where is Jayne?

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