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stonemonkey | 20:35 Sun 11th May 2008 | Health & Fitness
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I used to work in a gym, and 3 of the men who I worked with used to top up their salaries with frequent drug tests for pharmaceutical companies. I applied myself but was never accepted because I was in my 20's and of child bearing age. I never thought of the dangers. I lived alone and had a mortgage to pay.

There is a reunion planned this year, and from talking to the man who's organising it, I've found out that these 3 men have all had serious problems in the past decade. 2 had brain tumours and the other has impotency problems.

I'm truly shocked, and glad I was turned down.


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That is REALLY scary.

I have never offered myself for medical trials efore and after the debacle a couple of years ago that left the volunteers with serious health problems, I know I never will.

Other than that medical trial gone wrong, I cannot recall any news reports of other trials having gone wrong, it makes you wonder if people put down the well known one down as a one off and still go ahead with other trials for a bit of money.

Do you know which drugs were being tested? I'm glad you didn't take up the offer too!

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