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We'll Was It A Fair Verdict?

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piggynose | 11:02 Mon 26th Feb 2024 | Health & Fitness
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this is our manslaughter by gross negligence - ( Reckless manslaughter ( Caldwell) was thought to be dead in this country but then resurrected)

and yeah if you do this, - you might be charged

Occurred in Liverpool around twenty years ago.  defence prevailed. I can cover it if anyone is interested

got the right search temrs

but THEN what happened ?

I'm reminded of something a consultant surgeon once said to me: 
"Every surgeon will kill a few patients during his career; it's inevitable. We just try not to do it too often"

erm yes --  Rory Kinnear ( actor) in a program

"but all your patients die !"

Rory: but I am a surgeon for heaven sake

These two are nurses - and WHAT were they doing giving muscle relaxants? ( in nursey speak they are called sedatives, hem hem).

When the powers that be were planning to tell GPs ALL the drugs their patients had had in hospital - Me: not anaesthetic drugs

them " oh yes " those as well - total tranparency!"

so I cited the Aru case - and also the one at Barts in 1976.

Question Author

After reading all the so called facts of the case, it all boils down to a nurse injecting a patient with a deadly fluid, with the syringe she used which came with a very clear warning!!! 


Medics are not miricle workers, but they have sort of bought this on themselves by elevating themselves.

I reality they are body mechanics, and can make mistakes just like everyone else.  The problem for them is people can and do die from their mistakes.

They should not be prosecuted unles serious negligence has taken place. If we go that path then you end up with people not wanting to do the job - just like the problem the Met are having recruiting coppers to carry guns.

i dont have the ability to get onto youtube.  Can you precis it please?



They should not be prosecuted unles serious negligence has taken place. If we go that path then you end up with people not wanting to do the job. Yup leading case: Adomako .

Pt needed an -oscopy and so she gave a "sedative" which paralysed because that is what it says on the bottle.



Aru got off - because the expert said - this is a dangerous drug

and the lawyer said - yeah wow how many do you kill a week

E. none

L - how so

E -skilled personnel are present who can intubate

L and? - - E didnt occur here

L: judgie baby - this wasnt vec, it was the unavailability of the resusc team and then crap  resus

and the judge said, he agreed.

The newspaper case reports just end.. and I had to get the ending from a junior who was working at the same Hospital

Probably the best one could hope for in the circumstances.

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We'll Was It A Fair Verdict?

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