How Much Is Too Much?

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lynbrown | 20:14 Sun 29th Nov 2020 | Health & Fitness
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I take a vitamin daily, Well Woman 70. It has a bit if everything but I cannot work out the quantities. Should I take an individual B6 and Iron tablet as well?


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The general NHS advice seems to be that anyone who's eating a healthy diet doesn't need to take any vitamin supplements at all, with the exception of Vitamin D (where the NHS advice is that most people should consider taking supplements during the winter months).

I'm currently taking Vitamin D and a high dose of Vitamin B6 but the latter is only to counteract peripheral neuropathy resulting from chemotherapy. I wouldn't be taking it otherwise.
Don't take any more than 14mg of iron daily unless prescribed by your GP. If you take more, you're likely to have an upset tummy.

Iron can also interfere with the absorption of other vitamins and minerals and certain medications.
If (and you probably aren’t) lacking any vitamins from your diet, then you should eat foods not tablets to get those vitamins you are missing.

Take your pick from pork, chicken, nuts,Oats or bananas.
Unless your prescribed them any amount is a waste of time and just makes expensive pee. Eat properly and you'll be fine.

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How Much Is Too Much?

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