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breadstick | 16:02 Mon 23rd Nov 2020 | Health & Fitness
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If a GP asks a patient to go for a covid test does the patient have to comply?


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no tests are not compulsory. If the gp tells the patient that they might have covid though then they should be self isolating.
No harm in going though is there?
Why would you not?
I have asked four people if they will have it and they all said No. When asked for the reason I got, never bothered with a flu jab so ... , don't believe all you read, if I get it it won't have much effect on me. I can't remember what the fourth one said. All four run their own businesses.
I wouldn't have a covid test. Stick stuck up my nose as far as possible and then right down my throat - No Thanks!
And that's why the country is in such a state! Sad!!
health care is not forced in the UK
Dagman what a load of carp, but you carry on thinking like that if it makes you feel better. You do what you want and I will do the same.
I wish the chap in hospital that contaminated me had been tested. I wouldn't have been stuck in a ward with him for 8 days. Thankyou for your somewhat snappy response however you fail to realise I was referring to the previous reply not yours!!!!!
Dagman is absolutely correct.

Iluvemargie, like it or not that mindset is part of the problem, but then if you’d worked in a hospital all through this whole crisis you’d probably come to your senses and realise that.

Hope springs eternal....
Well you should have made it obvious who you were answering.
Stand by what I said.
Stand by whatever you like, just don’t stand within 10 feet of ANYONE for the foreseeable future and if you develop symptoms DO NOT burden the NHS in any way, shape or form, that’s asking nicely.

I and my colleagues are fed up with some of the general ignorance of the great British public.
If my GP suggested I get tested then I'd guess there was a reason and I would but as pointed out, no one is compelled to.
So iluvmargie that's ok to be like that to me? It wasn't aimed at your reply, I'm so sorry I didn't make it clear! Does that still mean I'm talking carp?
Iluvmargie, I've seen you left a sarcastic message on my other question on lockdown. Thanks for that! I have no qualms about your resistance to the test. Again, my response was not about your reply, I hadn't even read it as we both submitted at the same times!
Surely it's straightforward if you've done the course work.

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