Treadmill Belt Problem

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Gromit33 | 19:26 Sun 06th Sep 2020 | Health & Fitness
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Evening all,
Not sure if anyone can help. The belt on our treadmill started slipping. Have adjusted and readjusted it till the cows came home. Have also used the silicone stuff on both the running belt and the power belt but it's still not right. It seems to run freely until I stand on it then it stops- the motor turns but not the belt that runs the running belt. Any help appreciated!


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I'm no expert, but it would appear that your belt is stretched and needs replacing. The more you adjust it, the more it'll stretch .... and maybe (?) it'll eventually snap. When you step on the treadmill, you're putting the belt under more pressure .... it needs to grip more now, but it can't.
I reckon if you change the belt, it should (?) be okay .... maybe :)
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Thanks Gizmonster. Appreciated.

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Treadmill Belt Problem

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