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Sqad - Update

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Eve | 19:36 Wed 10th Jul 2019 | Health & Fitness
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Evening Sqad, I tried to bump my update on my original post but it's seemingly too old to show up in last posts. So thought I'd post the link in here as it's not used so much now.


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Thanks Eve.......anything over 10 days and i would recommend starting a new thread as you have done.

I am glad it is a simple problem and as for GP's not seeing the wax, that doesn't surprise me as i have little confidence in GP's evaluation of diseases of the ear.
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Evening Sqad, I went back to ENT today and had microsuction, he got all of the wax out! I've got a lot of the hearing back in that ear so that's brilliant!

Still a bit dulled but going to give it time, was a bit disorientating at first. Got up off the bed and had a bit of a wobble and nearly fell over. Things were a bit loud for a while haha! Not that I'm complaining.

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Sqad - Update

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