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Something Wrong With My Hand

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Dizmo | 08:51 Wed 25th Feb 2015 | Health & Fitness
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Ok this is loss of feeling I got that wrong. I think its a brain communication. I'm holding my hand like some who has Motor Neuron Disease.

Without going over the top. Could it of been a mini stroke? I'm really confused and scared. My thumb is numb


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Any news Diz? Hope the hospital food is OK ;-)

Looks like there was a cull here today...
I hope he replies, pasta. It's a bit worrying isn't it?
Yes, worrying
He's obviously not about this evening.
He has been manic for the last few days. I hope that this is just his body saying it needs some TLC.

Dizmo, get in touch with us - via FB if you want. Is your mum back home?
Question Author
Hey. The hospital have put it down to my medication (side effects). I'm at home but am keeping away from my PC. With regards to my hand I've determined it to be a problem with the axilla nerve - 'Limp Wrist'. It's a combination of many things.

I'm not 100% sure what is happening however my wrist and hand are in a splint. Either way I did the right thing by having it seen too.

I've just got to take things steady.
Follow their advice and rest up.
Good to hear from you,Diz.
Keep calm, try to get some sleep and here's hoping you feel a bit better tomorrow.
Always better to get yourself checked out when you're worried.
And try not to panic about your health.... Get those street dogs sorted...take your mind away yourself and concentrate on all those poor fellows... Sleep well Diz. xx
Diz, it's so good that you did the right thing and went to hospital. There are times when you just know that something's not right physically. Keep us informed - - without squashing your hand, here's a hug (()).
Limp wrist, diz, a bit of an unfortunate expression!

Anyway you are home and so have a good nap, remember that tomorrow is another day......
Makes you wonder about the NHS though doesn't it? One minute a doctor is telling you you've had a stroke,the next its medication side effects and a trapped nerve. I'm jolly glad I've got private healthcare! Get well soon Dizmo -less posting and more rest!

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Something Wrong With My Hand

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