After Care With Cataract Operation

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dunnitall | 15:49 Tue 24th Sep 2013 | Health & Fitness
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Can anyone who has had this, tell me what treatment they had post op please?

My OH had first cataract removal last weekend and has been given Pred Forte eye drops for 28 days also Chloramphenicol eye drops (antibiotic drops) for 7 days. I am more concerned ab the Pred Forte being a steroid and the patient leaflet saying it should not be used for more than 7 days. Have also read up on the internet that there can be problems with this medication if you have kidney disease and are on insulin which they are so should there be concern or just keep taking it for 28 days despite our worries? Thanks if you can help out with this especially if you have had a cataract operation.


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That is exactly the same as a client of ours who had a cataract operation a couple of months ago. She is not diabetic though. It might be worth speaking to a doctor or pharmacist to put your mind at rest, although I assume they knew about his diabetes when treating him?
Don't read instructions with many times do i have to tell you?

Don't consult the internet.

Do what the Dr says.

Pred forte for 28 days is perfectly safe.
I had a cataract operation in 2007. The only post-op treatment that I had was eye drops that were called Betnesol N. I had to use them 4 times a day for 4 weeks. Otherwise, I had no medication. I had to wear a plastic lens, as a sort of eye guard, when I was in bed. That was to prevent damage by poking the corner of the pillow (or whatever) into the eye, and when I went back after about 4 weeks for a check up, I was declared to be OK.
( sorry to butt in dunnitall )

While your'e about sqad -

Are there any adverse effects from long term use of Fluorometholone eye drops ? depends upon for what condition they are used and if it is an autoimmune problem then long term therapy outweighs the side effects.

For what eye condition are you taking them?
A family member has had -

1. A left penetratiing keratoplasty with 2 resolved rejection episodes .
( corneal graft operation to correct kerataconus )

2. Left pseudophakia ( cataract operation ).

The consultant has put then on Fluorometholone eye drops ,on alternative days for the foreseable future , because of the rejection
I have had both eyes operated on for cataracts in the last twelve months.I had eyedrops(forgotten name at the moment).I to had to wear the shield for the first day and then for three nights after the operation .Eyedrops were administered 4 times a day then 3,2 and 1 over a four week period.Following this I had an eye test at my opticians ,she filled out the sheet for me to take back to hospital on the occasion of the second operation where they then matched the lens for the second eye according to the test results.Recovery was very good on both occasions I had a fortnight off work eachtime,to avoid lifting,then returned to normal duties after that.If anyone has cataracts that need doing then go for it because you'll be glad you did.I was wearing varifocals previously now I just have readers.
Bazile.....well......yes there MAY be long term effects, may, with long term steroids, but in the case that you describe, these side effects are worth the risk compared to lens rejection.
What are the likely sides effects ?
thanks for that
;-) no problem.
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After Care With Cataract Operation

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