Unusual cough- please help

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Ann | 18:50 Sat 10th Mar 2012 | Health & Fitness
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I have had a strange nasty cough for nearly a month now, its not my usual kind of dry tickly cough, its very chesty and at times when I breathe out its very wheezy and makes a peculiar noise. When I cough its not productive, I can't seem to clear "something there" - I wish I could. On the odd occasion I do get a bit of green catarrh in my mouth which I can spit out (sounds revolting but I do it discreetly!) but this doesn't happen very often. I went to the doctors 2 weeks ago, saw a locum as my GP was away, she listened to my chest and said it was clear, not congested. As I have other problems too, pains in legs, knees swollen etc she ordered lots of bloods - Bone profile, HBA1C (diabetes?) C-Reactive Protein, FBC, LFT, Lipids, Thyroid, Kidney and ACE levels as I have had Sarcoidosis in the past and worry that it may be coming back (been in remission a few years) I won't get these test results for another week, in the meantime my cough is getting worse and I feel generally unwell, tummy is upset again, seem to have pulled a muscle in my leg, and to add to my problems I appear to have developed sensitive teeth, with toothache coming and going over the past week. I have taken a few Ibuprofen when the pain gets too bad, but don't want to rely on them. Perhaps if Sqad reads this he can advise please whether or not to ring the doc on Monday and maybe ask for an antibiotic for this possible chest infection or to suffer for another 10 days until all my test results are back. In our practice it takes about 10 days to 2 weeks to get an appointment so we usually ring and the doctor rings back the same day. Really fed up now as I've not been well since December, with bad cold, then sore throat and dry cough, winter vomiting bug, then chesty cough as well as all the other aches and pains. I am normally very healthy and get over coughs and colds in a few days also I am non smoker and 64 years old. Thanks for possible advice from all my medical AB friends on here :)


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This doesn't sound like an infection but asthma, as a chest infection would invoke some productive cough and or a temperature.

From you previous posts it would appear that your sarcoidosis is under control.

A visit to your DR on Monday may well be prudent as a steroid inhaler may settle this chest episode completely.
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Thanks very much Sqad, I have never had breathing problems with my Sarcoidosis though, I still don't - so is it possible to develop asthma and just get this strange cough? The wheezing is only usually in the mornings and not all the time.

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Unusual cough- please help

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