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NHS v Private Dentistry

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chrissa1 | 14:04 Wed 29th Feb 2012 | Health & Fitness
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There is a new dentist just opened in my town and they are taking NHS patients. I could not become an NHS patient with my usual dentist and pay £21 per month on a Dental Plan.

Would it be cheaper to become an NHS patient with the new dentist? Thanks.


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It depends how much work you need on average. I`m lucky in that I never need anything doing (don`t want to tempt fate though). I have only ever, and would only ever, be with an NHS dentist. Private costs are horrendous (and have increased in line with the growth in the dental insurance industry)
Yes but divert some of the money to a plan like BHSF or similar so you can get money back on dental, optical, physio, hospital stays etc You have to pay up front but the NHS charges are not that bad and I get 70% back as well as most of the cost of my glasses
as above
Only ever been with NHS dentists
Prices are now capped lol, which means it is far cheaper than it used to be
In my view, yes, it would be cheaper to become an NHS patient. This is assuming that you have no ongoing problems with your teeth, and just want a twice-yearly check. I am with an NHS dentist, and I go every six months for a check. A check-up costs me £17 or so.
Does your dental plan cover just you or family members as well?
As usual with health related matters 'it depends' ... mainly on the state of your teeth.

If you are in good dental health then it may be cheaper - if you are entitled to free/reduced NHS treatment then the balance changes again.

Me personally, having got a dentist I like (at a price I can afford) nothing would persuade me to move - indeed he tried moving away, but I found him again :+)
LOL Dave
In my teens I had a wonderful dentist and he moved.
My mum said we'll come to your new practice until we found it was 200 miles away

Never have found one like him but I do like the one I have now

this is the one thats been on TV level 2 cover would still leave you better off
http://www.moneysavin...hcare-cash-plans#best more on this one
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Thanks for all your answers. My Plan doesn't cover my family, it's just for me.
I would save on petrol too as they are closer to home.
My choice is to be an NHS patient with a dentist who can offer private treatment the NHS don't provide, should you wish to pay for it. (I'm unsure how many visits a year you need to do in order for the petrol consumption to be a large issue in the decision.) I did think of getting a dentist nearer my home a few months back, but all the ones I found were private and the costs, when you checked their website, were horrendous. I like to think I give health a high priority but at some level one can't help thinking one is being taken advantage of. I appreciate the job is a responsible one and they are always looking down in the mouth, but I did feel there ought to be a reasonable differential between me and other professionals, not a massive chasm.

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NHS v Private Dentistry

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