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qui7master | 10:21 Mon 13th Feb 2012 | Health & Fitness
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My wife has been having menopausal night sweats, and other symptoms for 12 years. Everything she tries does not seem to work. If any one has any suggestion, please let us know. Many thanks in advance.


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do go to the doctors , there are tablets she can take (not hrt) they do work, also i find keep off sweets and chocs as they seem to make them worse, if she has just started with them , she will learn to control them , the night ones are the worse, believe me i have been there.
sorry i didnt see the 12 years i started when i was 35 now 62 and still getting them, not often now though also try evening primrose that is very good
might be worth trying wild yam root cream and switching from dairy to soya
I am 84 going on 85 and still get them especially during the night. Have tried many things but nothing works. The doctor says I will just have to put up with them, which I do, although it is a nuisance. Sometimes during the night I am literally wet with sweat and have to have shower every morning, even if I don't feel like it. This isn't much help to your wife but at least she will know she is not alone.
I take flash fighters from Holland and Barrett, they seem to make things better but I am loathe to stop taking them in case it gets worse. So don't know if it would have improved by itself, but worth a try if she doesn't want to go to doctor.
HRT works. Also sage (by tablet from Healthspan).
Evening Primrose worked for me, she'll need to take at least 1000mgs a day and it can be up to a month before she'll see any benifits. Hope this helps her as it's a rotten thing to have to cope with.
Go to the GP and see if anything can be prescribed.
There may be a Menopause Clinic at your local hospital, if so a referral there would get a specialist opinion.
Good luck.
Outdoor people have underwear that does not absorb moisture. If the worst came to the worst and one couldn't control the sweats it might be handy to wear such a top as nightwear to let the moisture through without feeling too damp.
What a kind understanding husband your wife has, three cheers to you!

I don't suffer too badly but we do mitigate it by having a series of layers on the bed. ie a light low tog king size duvet with a couple of individual single blankets and snug wraps each which we can each use or not use depending on our needs or mood! If I'm hot I can cool off with the 3 tog while OH can happily wrap up with the blankets. Seems obvious I know, but I am aware that many couples suffer by struggling along with 13 tog or more.
I had a hysterectomy 30 years ago. I was on hrt for about 5 years but had to stop. Since then I`ve had "sweats" I dont think there`s anything left on the market that I`ve not tried & nothing has worked for me. It`s very embarrasing sometimes when I`m out shopping. On a lighter note, I dont feel the cold lol
Sister has them badly she has found sleeping on a thick cotten bathtowel helps as it wicks away the sweat... and also A chillow

under her pillowcase keeps her face and neck cooler. plus a fan... on low all night

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