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stiff upper lip

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atrollope | 04:44 Sun 04th Dec 2011 | Health & Fitness
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It seems that this British trait serves us well when it comes to Health matters....The Italians,on the other hand...


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Question Author
How often is yours stiff Sqad...? ;)
Question Author
please ignore that last comment..

D"you think there is truth in this story ? I liked the "last comment" and my answer is "not as often as i would have liked"....;-)

Back to to your original question......I the the problem is the loss of meaning in translation. I know plenty of Italians, but i have never noticed the trend that the paper article highlights.

In fact if you travel throughout the UK you will hear different words used for the same symptom..e.g "gipp" is used by many Yorkshire folk to describe vomiting.

I think that you will find that each country has it share of "local terms" and health "conscious" individuals.
Question Author
....but the bit about our lack of awareness..a carefree attitude ,even ignorance of our body parts/functions...does it allow we British to shrug things off,health wise?
Question Author
oh yes..ive just noticed your last line.
atrollope.....I have read the article again and i feel that my initial reply was inadequate and i will give it further thought over breakfast.
I`m not sure I agree with everything the article says though. For example, the comment "My liver hurts" would be "feeling a bit liverish" here. The "hit of air" comment is the same as my mum saying she`s got a "chill" because she`s been in a draught. The change of season remark reminds me of when my Dad wouldn`t take his vest off in spring because you should "Never cast a clout `til May is out". I don`t think it`s stiff upper lip with the Brits. Maybe the further north a country, the more hardy the people. I`m probably going to be called racist but I`ve worked with Italians (as customers and colleagues) and they can be a bit "precious". I remember going on a glass-bottom boat in Antigua with Brits, Americans and Canadians (and two Italians). The whole point of the trip was to snorkel. Everyone got into the sea except the Italians. They didn`t want to get cold and wet.
Seems other foreigners have their own problems too.
I think this knowledge of the anatomy is shared by the French. Those with whom I am acquainted tend to be hypochondriacs and if they are suffering from backache, for example, they proclaim to have sore kidneys.
I live in Cyprus and the attitude of the indigenous population towards English people is much the same. In November those of us who have not yet acclimatised are still wearing shorts and short sleeved shirts. I have been here long enough to know that I need trousers and , at least a long sleeved shirt. The Cypriots are in warm clothes at the end of September.
sick bag...
Question Author
couldnt resist the double nip to"ll get over it sara3....may I suggest blowing in a paper bag,and 2

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stiff upper lip

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