I need some advice about std's

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Sanesarah | 15:47 Fri 14th Oct 2011 | Health & Fitness
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There's this guy i really liked and have been trying to go out with him forever and eventually got him and we slept together unprotected more than once.
I Started itching, mainly around the genital area 2 weeks ago.

Itching has got worse and worse, tried using a nit comb over a piece of paper but found nothing. At some stage I must have scratched my eyebrow and head maybe during sleep) and think may have spread as now have itchy eyebrows and and itchy scalp.

Bought some Derbac M from the chemist today, as this can be used for nits, scabies and crabs. Thought I could just say it was for nits, anyway the woman in the chemist was really loud, waving it around, telling me loudly that her nephews have had nits 3 times and it works. It has large writing on the front ' For the treatment of Head lice, scabies and CRABS' I've never been so embarrassed in my life.

Anyway, used as directed, put still the same, itchy. May have to bite the bullet and go to doc's.

My gp is best friends with my dad and they are strict christians so i don't know what to do, please help.


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Go to your local GUM clinic.
They're totally confidential.
Your GP has a duty of care to you and is subject to the same confidenitality protocols to all his patients regardless of who is best friend is. If you are still worried, go to a GUM clinic.
Also you need to tell the guy
If it's JUST itching with no discharge or sores, then it is unlikely to be due to an STD.

I agree with ladyalex.
Yes .. Go to one of those clinics .. you can search your local health authority for their location. I wouldn't car a jot about it .. Thousands of folk get this problem occasionally .. not just you .. the only person in the world!
In the interim .. Remove the garden!
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Sounds like it could be a severe bout of Thrush. As others said go to the Hospital's GUM (Genito Urinary Medicine) clinic and they will do a variety of swabs.

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I need some advice about std's

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