Under weight baby due soon.

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sylvania | 11:35 Thu 09th Jun 2011 | Health & Fitness
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A friend's baby is due late July but has been told that it is under weight and in the danger zone. What are the dangers and would an early ceserian be on the cards?


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bbies who are born before they should be often have problems with their lungs, which aren't fully developed. They dot get a sucking reflex till late on in pregnancy, so there might be trouble with feeding too (might need to be tube fed). As for the caesarian, it will depend on if the baby is small but happy, or small and struggling. If it is small but still growing they will leave it inside. If it has stopped growing it will depend on why initially, but also what gestational age it has grown to
When I was pregnant with my daughter I was told (about 28 weeks) that she wasn't growing properly. From about 30 weeks they scanned and monitored me weekly. The whole time they said she was extremely small. I gave birth to a healthy 7lb 14oz baby.
Bit suspicious.....6-7 weeks to go and underweight.......this will be investigate as there are many reasons for this.

Early delivery MAY be an option,but not by my opinion.
Or longer Sqad. I went 2 weeks over.

As long as they keep monitoring and the baby is active, I wouldn't worry too much.

I was told to rest as much as possible and eat well.
i think that they would need to discover the reason for the weight before deciding on an early delivery.
My first baby was 'small for dates', this turned out to be due to pre eclampsia. I was admitted to hospital for observation and bed rest, went into labour 2 weeks early and gave birth to a 5lb 9oz baby girl.
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Thanks all, The mum to be will be having a scan on tuesday 14th. Hopefully we will know more on what they plan to do after that.
I'm the God Mum to be.
The mum is out of her mind with worry.
Scan done. Immediate panic over. The weight is 3 1/2 lb - 8 weeks to go till birth. But gynaecologist said things are ok though. There is still time for the baby to grow. They don't reakon it will go full turn.
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Yes angie - I forgot you know her too. We are mutural friend of Sarah.
My daughter had a baby that was with insufficient fluid and he was delivered in February a couple of years ago rather than March. He was 4 pounds when he was delivered by caesarian on a routine check up, much to her surprise! He is absolutely fine now and a lovely two year old. He was of course kept in hospital until he was ready to go home.
hhmmm. That's a little bit obvious. But I won't tell anyone.

Anyway, I know of a fair few mums to be who have been in this situation, all to give birth to healthy babies.
I never believe in this weight guessing before the baby arrives. i was told my baby was of an average weight then when she was 4Lb 14oz and extremely poorly. we were expecting a healthy 7lb with no prblems so look how wrong they can be sometimes. hopefully they have it wrong in your friends case and she has the complete opposite senario, a healthy well weighted child!
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Thank you all for your input - I'll let you know how it went when the baby is born.
See you at the weekend angie.
Right O Sylv hun, see you Saturday for lunch bye for now.

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Under weight baby due soon.

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