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foxydivano1 | 14:49 Thu 19th Apr 2007 | Beauty
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Hi there,

my sister is planning to buy a hair salon in Manchester, which is already up and running, but a bit dated. We would like to do a little "research" and ask all of you lads and lasses what really stands out to you when choosing where to have your hair cut? Have you any ideas what my sister can do to the salon, or offer in the salon to give her the "cutting edge" over competitors � sorry about the pun, just couldn't help myself!

Many thanks to anyone that can help


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i look for friendly services i am sometimes put off by the heavily made up 18 somethinhgs that seem to look their nose down on people , i like to see older hairdressers

also offers like 20 % off are always a big attraction with people she could also have aopen day where she does treatments and haircuts at a a low price and take photos of all her achievemnets just to get known locally hope this helps
Buy one get one free works great with kids...

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