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nadcookie | 23:28 Fri 16th Feb 2007 | Beauty
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ok iv been boys when they see girls with dandruff does it turn you off the girl or does it not effect you??what do girls think??do girls feel embarresed about there dandruff showing??


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I think everyone finds dandruff a turn off, as it's a sign of being unhygienic (but I also realise it could be a medical reason).

I'm sure most people would be embarassed if they had or if they saw someone with dandruff showing.

It's not that bad though because it's easily treatable.
nope, its the person inside, thats the turm on, peronality is always the most attractive bit
It depends!! Dandruff usually appears when people don't wash their hair enough, but as has been previously stated, it could also be a medical reason. Such as psoriosis, which is a severe skin condition causing the skin to flake, much like dandruff but worse. Both my sister and my boyfriend both have this condition, and both have terrific sex lives!
I once had dandfruff when i was about 8. It was because i was a scruffy little f**k and i never used to want to wash my hair. My hair got greasy and dandruff appeared. Im not saying your scruffy, but if its hair washing thats the case, wash it more often!! However, too much hair washing can have the same effect. Wash your hair at least once every other day, and never wash your hair more than once a day.

Hope ive helped and not just rambled on about chuff all!!

basically yes its a bit manky so use polytar. smells like tar but dandruff goes completely also makes your hair gorgeous and shiny even if you don't need to use it.
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ok this question wasnt about was just me and my mate were talkin bout it..soo keep your answers coming..

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