Good temporary hair colourant

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Prudie | 21:51 Wed 07th Mar 2012 | Beauty
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Can anyone recommend a good temporary hair dye, branded high street? All those I've looked at are permanent.


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Excuse the diversion, Prudie, but how is puss? I asked the q earlier on the Pet thread to you and Barmaid....
how temporary do you want it?
Semi permanent or wash in wash out?
Not sure where you have been looking but supermarkets and chemist usually stock both
I use L'oreal casting cream gloss, extensive range of colours and lasts about 6 weeks. I wash my hair everyday. About £6.50.
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oj sort of about a month. I've looked in Boots, Superdrug etc and they all seemed to be permanent.

DT I've added to josaphine's thread (Barmaid and Prudie). Not good news I'm afraid.
I have recently stopped colouring my hair with a permanent blonde, having it cut short to get rid of the light blonde colour!......sure I'm going to be so grey!......can't do the all over colour any more!.....are highlghts the anwer for me.............
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why have you stopped welshy?
Madame S has decided to let her natural grey alone. She looks genuine and I doubt I'll be trading her in for a new model as a result.
Any of the ammonia free colourants are generally semi-permanent. I use Garnier Herbashine and it lasts for at least 6 weeks.
You can get sachets in Boots,forgotten the name but they are just like a shampoo. I eventually grew mine out, its quite a nice colour now and I save a fortune on hairdressers bills
I used to colour at home .Perfect Ten by L'oreal . Very good and worked for a while but as I'm going very grey now it started to look flat and a bit harsh so ditched it and have low lights put in at the hairdresser .
Looks more natural .
Any branded semi permanent colour will last, so it says on the box, for up to 26 washes
However, if your hair is porous it can last longer, or it may not last as long as it says
They aren't very good at covering grey either
Welshlibranr, you're very brave! I've been going grey since I was 17/18 and am now, probably cos I dont really know, completely grey all over and I refuse to leave my hair more than a month to find out
I use any permanent colour on offer :)
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Thank you for answers, I will look at Casting creme gloss and Herbashine. I want it for a holiday, an in your face bright chestnut would do, but something that will fade away.
country colours are good. if you go to a cheapie beauty shop - they are around £2.50 and lasts for 6 weeks. a great range of colours as well (don't get them here, but this is what they look like: User Recommendation
Superdrug do their own semi-permanent colours called Colour Effects.I use warm chocolate brown,but they do a mahogany colour too.They're only a couple of pounds and I find they last quite well.

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Good temporary hair colourant

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