Are expensive hair products worth it?

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bizzylizzy | 10:03 Mon 20th Jun 2011 | Beauty
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I have fine hair that's been coloured and highlighted here and there. I was advised that Kerastase Bain Miroir 1 for fine coloured hair would be a good purchase. But the shampoo and conditioner together are pretty expensive just for the standard bottle sizes. My question is, are these sorts of products worth spending the money on? I wash my hair pretty much every day in the shower, so I would get through these products fairly rapidly. Any hair experts out there? Thanks everyone.


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Some of them are and some of them aren`t. Was it the salon that advised the Kerastase and did they sell it themselves? They obviously want to get as much revenue as possible, rather than pointing you towards something from the high street.
I personally think medium range products are good. I like Paul Mitchel. It`s dear, but not that dear. You should just try lots of different products until you find one that works. Some cheaper brands have silicone in them (for shine) and that weighs down fine hair.
NOPE!!! Put it this way, I work in a factory that produce Hair and body products of many different brand names. Many top brands use exactly the same product (chemical) filled in the bottle/tub/tube ect as Cheap brands use.the only difference is usaly the label. For example a cheap brand called Sport star Ice blue you see in pound shops is then put in a well known brand sports name and sold for 3 or 4 times as much and its same bottle,same body wash liquid just different sticker on it! Also Hair gels such as extra hold,wet look and super hold are all the same with a different colour dye in them! Some hair shampoos are used in both shampoo bottles and body wash!
Conditioner is all important for your hair. A thick creamy consistency is needed for your hair, find the thickest in your price range.

Designer products are costly for aroma/additives/packaging & advertising. Salons are expected to promote designer prods. but there's little profit due to the the basic cost.
I recently had a problem in that every shampoo I brought was making my hair greasy, ended up wasting about £15. Finally I got the right hump, brought alberto bslam shampoo and conditioner for greasy hair which is 99p a bottle as I didn't want to waste any more money and voila.... hair is back to normal. I just brought 4 bottles of the stuff today for £3... I would normally spend a significant amount more than that on one bottle.
Ravid - that was interesting. I love to know 'secrets' like that. I hope no-one knows who you are or your might get the same treatment as sallabananas, which would be terrible for you.
damn, I hate making typos. should have been you not your.
(ive just answered with the same in your other post ok)

hi bizzylizzy
try these, theyre lovely and rich and creamy,
ive recently started using them as my hair has been in dire need of help, and ive found it looks and feels much better now.
theyre on a bogof at the min in tesco and sainsburys, so im stocking up while the offer's still on :o)

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Thanks everyone, some great info there. All of your replies are very helpful, brilliant. Ravid your info is particularly interesting. I guess we'd all suspected as much. A bit like charging £100 for a pot of face cream that does the same job as one that costs £3. Sorry looobylooo I can't make the links work, so your info is tantalisingly out of reach.
looby loo your links wont work on Firefox, could you let us know what shampoos and conditioners they are ? Lizzy my hair is like yours and I have just bought Pantene shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair, it seems to work very well. Ravid, what should be buy at the Pound Shop then ?
hi smurf,
here you go, here are the links.
im still using them, and my hair has certainly perked up and looks and feels so much better and livelier since i started.
i nipped to tesco tonight to stock up on a few more! lol. http://www.mysupermar...onditioner_400ml.html

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Are expensive hair products worth it?

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