3 month straightening

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chazza | 10:28 Wed 11th May 2011 | Beauty
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I thought I read online about a new product sold in Boots that was an alternative to the 3 month blowdry that you can have in salons. This was a product that you use at home that does not contain the dangerous chemicals that the salons do.

However I have searched for it and all I can find is a 3 day straight thing by John Frieda which is not what I am looking for, or the old straightening kits that are like a home perm, which is not what I'm after either!

Did I imagine this or has anyone any idea what I'm talking about?

(I don't want to try either the salon or the three day product, or the one that is like a home perm)


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I've had the salon thing and I've also bought stuff online (which is just keratin, I think), and the 3 day stuff. The salon one was great but I got it as a groupon voucher and there's no way I could afford to get it done at full price. The 3 day stuff is really good too, but it only lasts 3 days :) The stuff I bought online is okay, but it doesn't produce anywhere near the same shiny result. Have a look at some of these.

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3 month straightening

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