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Bbbananas | 11:05 Mon 09th May 2011 | Beauty
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Has anyone had a full chemical colour stripping of their hair, and if so - did this damage or dry out the hair to any great degree?

I want to go lighter for the summer - a caramelly colour rather than the very dark brown I have at the moment. My hairdresser has recommended I have all the existing colour stripped out, and then starting again with a lighter colour.

My hair is already quite dry because of all the swimming I do - I don't want to have this process done if it is going to damage the condition of my hair any further. I don't want it to start breaking off or falling out.


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Hi Salla,

Yes I had one a few years ago. I had the initial treatment done and then went back twice to have some intensive conditioner treatments. My hair is very long and thick and I believe because I had the conditioner treatments it made a real difference. My hair looked and felt great.
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Thank you ice. My hair is just past-shoulder length and fairly thick. It is in fairly good condition, it's just the ends that are dry because of all the swimming and use of straighteners. So, you think if I regularly deep-condition it, I should go ahead?
It's up to you Salla.

If you have a good hairdresser then they will also know if your hair will stand up to it. Remember, everybodys hair reacts differently to different chemicals. My hair came through it ok, but then I don't use straighteners on mine and I know they can dry hair out.

If you decide to go ahead with it, go for a couple of good intensive conditioners afterwards just to help the hair recover.
best you leave a strand test with your stylist to check the hair elasticity (pull to break) before committing yourself.
your hairdresser should take a strand test before going ahead with the full stripping. this way the after effects can be seen before it takes place ie porosity and elasticity. they will take a very small sample of your hair to test and you should be allowed to see the sample before you make a decsion
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Oh dear - sounds like going for a biopsy..... I think I'll stick to being a chocolate head....
Remaining choc color is the same process as choosing caramel, albeit using correct products. Find a competant colorist.
Yes I had mine stripped many years ago and it never adversely affected my hair. (I was going from shocking pink to blonde)
no its pretty straight forward and standard practice, the strnd test is free of charge and should be done along with a skin test. it takes minutes and should you choose to go ahead a whole new image how exciting
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I don't want too drastic a change coli - I'm not going blonde, just quite a few shades lighter. I do have a lot of colour build-up on my hair so I want to start again from scratch. I shall keep you all informed of my decision and status re degree of baldness, delight with colour, or horror ......
If your hair is coloured you should try colour b4, its brilliant, it shrinks the colour particals of the dye in your hair and they wash out. I did it on bright red hair and it took me to a light gingery colour and i dyed over the top of it the morning after. They sell it in boots in a normal and extra strenght, i really think its worth a go as it doesnt leave your hair all horrible like stripping it would its slighty dried mine out but after i re dyed it it went right back to normal.
is that good advice on friday the 13th?

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