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time travellers wife???**spoilers***

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missdubois | 14:44 Sun 02nd Apr 2006 | Arts & Literature
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what do people think about the way this book ended? it was like he died, and then that was it, it was a good book un till i get to the end.

and can you belive they're making a film of it?? i dont think any actor could portray the deep characetrs.



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Hope you have'nt given the ending away Missdubois. I have'nt read it yet. ps Can I call you Blanche?
Yes, it was a bit of an anticlimax. Didn't know a film was being made. I wonder how they will do that, as most of the book isn't 'action', its what the characters are 'thinking' (if you know what I mean). I would think it would be a difficult book to get over properly on the big screen.
The ending had been hinted at earlier in the book (I think it was Claires memory of hearing him shouting her name and then hearing the shot).

I didn't know they were making a film, but I would be very interested to see it.
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sithlord why do you want to call me blanche and i did warn you by putting a spoilers alert there!

maybe I just wanted him to have more answers before the end came, i think you get what I mean. it did make me cry and for it to be the authors first book its a real triumph, i just couldnt help feeling a little deflated.

to read more about the film go to and search for the time travellers wife. its a very good website for films and settles lots of arguments.

MissDuboisd. Why do you think I want to call you Blanche? Don't be coy, I thought you were a fellow Tenessee Williams fan. You know who you are!!!
P.S Just posted that answer in the wrong category. What a BERK!"!!"
Don't get me started on TTW:

I thought Henry was so selfish to have written a letter to claire to tell her that he sees her again when she is old. How was she supposed to carry on with her life? How could she then go on with someone else when the rest of her life was now spent waiting for the day that she might see Henry. I felt that was a terrible ending, after all they had been through and how he had protected her from all that she didn't know that he had witness through time travel I felt that this behaviour was breaking character.

And the infactuation with Henry's friend that claire had; well that just wasn't her.

I also found her writing of claire's experience of birth completely unfeminine. And her attitude to continual miscarriage likewise. This aspect of the story led me to believe the writer, despite being female, had no experience of either.

Many, many times, the writer forgets who the characters are and how they would feel and thus makes the characterisation at best patchy and at worst, completely unbelievable.

In short, it began really well, became a monument to mediocrity and ended with a nose dive. I wouldn't be that quick to read any more novels by her, or in fact queue up to see the film. Such a shame, as some would say; Good title.

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time travellers wife???**spoilers***

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