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help! trying to figure out the name of a book i read once

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bluerabbit | 09:02 Sun 02nd Apr 2006 | Arts & Literature
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The book was a fiction novel, a classic i guess. It was about a family mainly. Three children ( i think) who were very unsocialized, and had no social skills, and one of the was obsessed with wuthering heights, and one was a boy who was very wild and knew a lot about nature and animals and nothing else. They lived with thier father, who was like a recluse I guess. Someone (two men i thinik) came to see the father for some reason, and there was some guy that was gay that kept hanging around with the unsocialized boy. His sister was upset because they were so close and did everything together until then. There's something that happens at the end where the boy takes a boat out in a storm because he gets upset about something that happens with the visiting man. There's sort of a side story about the two visiting guys and their relationship, one of them is married and they talk about his wife some. It took place in england around victorian times I think. Sorry I can't remember more. The title was very non-descript, that's why I can't remember it.


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MissDubois, Why do you think I wanted to call you Blanche? Don't act coy, I thought you were a fellow Tenessee Williams fan!!! You know where i'm coming from!!!
AAAHHHHH. Just realised posted answer to wrong question. Many apologies!!!
What springs to mind is, "Three Came Unarmed" by E Arnott Robertson, but it's years since I read it so could be wrong.

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help! trying to figure out the name of a book i read once

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