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Morrisonker | 00:41 Fri 17th Mar 2006 | Arts & Literature
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On Ch4 is an advert for a programme called The Games, the tag line of the ad is 'The Games is back'. Now that just doesn't sound right, surely it should be 'The Games are back'? Or is it a different rule just because 'The Games' is the name?


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Definitely 'is' because it is the name of the program not plural as in lots of games
yes, Alfred Hitchcock's movie was advertised as The Birds Is Coming, which annoyed people way back when; but it was correct. A programme name is seen as a single item, just as if it was Coronation Street is back (you wouldn't say EastEnders are back?)

Maybe it would help if the title was put between inverted commas, thus, "The Games" is back.

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