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Filbert | 21:02 Thu 16th Mar 2006 | Arts & Literature
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I am trying to track down a new copy of the Little Witch by Otfried Preussler.

I have tried Amazon but they only have used copies and I would really like a brand new copy.

Anyone have any ideas?



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If they only have used, its probably out of print. Try putting the ISBN into Google.
Some 'very good ' copies here. p;an=Preussler&y=10&tn=little+witch&x=59& ;sortby=3

Its out of print so you will only get a used copy.
Since this title isn't available from either Amazon or Foyles, it's almost certainly out of print.

You could try an e-mail to the publishers in Germany to try to find out who their Uk distributors are:
[email protected]
(Then contact the distributor to see if they've got any copies left).

Alternatively, there's a new copy of the paperback edition in a London warehouse. The only problem is that you'll have to order it through Amazon's US site! : _olp_2/102-3567653-2831303?%5Fencoding=UTF8
(I suggest clicking on 'langton_info_services_uk' and then on 'Contact seller' to find the best way of getting hold of it).

This ones very good, i've used him a few times to find out of print books, mind you if he finds it, it'll cost about twenty pounds, but you don't have to buy it, because the way he works, is, he finds the book, lets you know, and what it will cost, and then you makeup your mind.
Sorry, its [email protected]
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Thanks to everyone. I actually managed to order it off a german website, brand new (with a little help from german speaking friends).

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