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ineedahobby | 13:01 Wed 11th Jan 2006 | Arts & Literature
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After reading your reply to "what makes you laugh out loud" post in body and soul, I went out today and bought The Timewaster Letters...........LOL!!! Brilliant book thanks for the recommendation.

Hobbs x


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Cheers, Hobbs! Glad you're enjoying it. I'm just reading the odd letter now and then, it's one of those books you're almost reluctant to read because the thought of coming to the end of it is scary. So it spends quite a bit of its life now perched on a shelf just above my computer monitor, silently urging me to read just one more letter... but I resist, for now.

Actually, it's so funny, it'll probably get plenty of re-readings from time to time and still be just as funny, so reaching the end of it doesn't seem quite so scary anymore :-)

I love this, and gave two as gifts. One to a friend who is married to a commited letter writer .. we are 'sort of''laughing with him! Also my darling husband was a beneficiary, he tells me there are still people who give him a wide berth on the tube, as the l.o.l. elevated him to 'nutter' status.He will now only peruse it in the comfort of home.

Glad to find a fellow fan of this outrageous talent, Sense.

fear not there is a sequel... pd_sim_b_dp_1/202-6195092-6751829

I love the one about the insect he claims to have found in his garden, the society are really interested and he then sends that fantasic picture.

Brilliant stuff, the best ones are when they take it all seriously.
Having just read this post I thought I must be missing out on something, so I've been to and ordered a copy. I could do with a good laugh

Wo Wo , have just been to the bookshop ...... had to wrestle the sequel out of the assistants hands. I see the drawings have lost none of their original charm, classic!

Love Sense X

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Quick message of thanks to Snook

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