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morg_monster | 09:45 Tue 03rd Jan 2006 | Arts & Literature
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Any other Rebus fans seriously disappointed by last night's Rebus? I always thought Ken Stott would make a good Rebus and as a TV drama it was very good, but seemed to bear no relation to the book it was 'based on' (The Falls). The storyline bore almost no resemblance to what happened in the book. Although Stott's acting was excellent, Rebus also was unrecognisable - a big football fan? Sketching his lover as she lies in bed? Doing something as soppy as taking her to the empty Hibs stadium? He was far too happy go lucky and smiley and nice for Rebus I thought.

Anyone else agree - or disagree - with me?

Wasn't sure whether to post this in TV or here, but anyway..


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It is a long time since I read the book 'The Falls' but still thought that it wasn't the same story - for instance, where were the falls after which the book was named?

I expected some differences - the omittance of 'side' plots - due to the time limit but didn't expect such a difference.

As for the character himself, I thought he was good. Rebus has a very wry sense of humour which seemed to be well shown.

We were very disappointed in this new series, although we thought Ken Stott was nearer to Ian Rankin's Rebus than John Hannah. The story was completely different. Nancy Banks Smith in the Guardian was spot on with her comments: "Why buy Ian Rankin's The Falls and beat it around the head until the body can be identified only by the beer on its breath? It is one thing to tweak a story for TV. Quite another to rewrite it - admittedly write it quite well - with the murderer as the corpse and the corpse as the murderer and a wholly new storyline about incest."

The only thing which was the same as the book was the dolls in the coffins.

Have entered the debate late as I have just finished re-reading the book after not recognising it on the TV. I am completely amazed that they had the gall to call it 'The Falls'. Different plot, different characters and the murderer was actually the victim in the book. As a massive Rebus fan the programme was such a disappointment, although I do love Ken Stott as an actor and thought he would be good. He was simply given no depth to work with. Have been on Ian Rankin's website to see if anyone else noticed and he is busy plugging the TV show - has he not noticed that he didn't write the story!! Thought I was the only one to be bothered by it, so glad I found this website so that I could get it off my chest!

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ITV Rebus last night

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