Should I Read Books That Are Happy Or Sad? Horrific Or Comedy?

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TheComicBookGuy1 | 22:47 Sun 02nd Jan 2022 | Arts & Literature
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I've been trying to read some of Stephen King's horror novels, or novellas. But I think some is too scary if I'm especially depressed. I should read things that make me laugh, or something that's magical. I really like Walt Disney. I should read or watch more Toy Story more than anything. Nothing really that girly, but it can be at LEAST HAPPY. Like The Lion King, or Sinbad. But I love a happy imagination.


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You are not stretching yourself a lot are you?
If you find your moods are affected by what you are reading, then it makes sense to adjust to yoor feelings at the time you settle down with a book.

It's no problem to have a couple of books on the go, something light for when you feel a bit low, and something a bit deeper when you feel in the mood for it.

'Rita Hayworth The Shawshank Redemption' by Stephen King, is a wonderful story showing how good can triumph over adversity.

'Salem's Lot' by Stephen King will scare you witless!!

But obviously widen your experience, check out your local library, or charity shop to get books cheaply or free, to read.
On second thoughts, I shall be kinder, like andy-hughes. I usually have at least 3 books on the go. Currently this is reduced to 2 because one of them is 'Wolf Hall' (Hilary Mantel and fairly complex read) the other is Terry Pratchett. Libraries are good places to try out a lot of different genres. If you like magical - try Pratchett; rather better and more thought-provoking than Disney.

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Should I Read Books That Are Happy Or Sad? Horrific Or Comedy?

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