The Irish Country Living Team Won A Big Award In November. Name The Award?

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Ethna | 17:51 Mon 03rd Jan 2022 | Arts & Literature
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2In which century was the Mona Lisa painted
3 Unscramble this anagram Go get beers Hints are football legend , Man United,Fulham LA, Aztecs, San lose Earthquakes.
4 Name the farming method Pippa Hackett is targeting to be carried out on 7.5% of Ireland’s utilisable agricultural area by 2027?
5 overall winner of Irish County Magazine’s Irish Made awards in 2021
6. In what decade did Coca Cola start using Santa Claus in advertising?
7 Rearrange this anagram to get a Christmas related word resist rematch
8 What is the link between filmmaker Emerald Fennel, director of Promoting young Woman and Princess Diana.
9 can you identify the man in question 22 and the woman in Question 28 in the Great Christmas Arts Quiz in the Sunday Independent People and Culture.I am not able to send a link.
I am so very grateful for all your help.


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George Best
2. 16th century
4. Organic farming.
5. The Handmade Soap Company
7 Christmas tree?
3 was georgie best
6 , 1920s
6. 1930s
^^^ Are you sure it was the 1920s, Brian?

Coca-Cola's own website suggests 1931 as the date:
8. Emerald Fennell played Camilla Parker-Bowles in 'The Crown'.
Buen , you are right it was the 1930s

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The Irish Country Living Team Won A Big Award In November. Name The Award?

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