What Is Syndetic And Asyndetic Listing?

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misscherry | 08:58 Fri 30th Apr 2021 | Arts & Literature
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Wasn't sure where to put this, please move if it's in the wrong category. Can anyone please explain to me what syndetic and asyndetic listing means? I'm finding conflicting info so am a bit confused. And is one better to use than the other when writing or is it a question of context?


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dictionary says " syndetic= of or using conjunctions". Am none the wiser but I assume it means doing a list using words like And with. Asyndetic sound's like the opposite
Not sure whether your asking whether to use one style or the other or whether to use these word
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One style or the other - I guessed the words themselves are opposites

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What Is Syndetic And Asyndetic Listing?

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