Rota'd, Rotad, Rotaed Or Rota-Ed?

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misscherry | 09:29 Fri 30th Apr 2021 | Arts & Literature
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Another English question from me please - what's the right way to write rota as a past tense verb? As in, "She's been rota'd to work". Rota'd? Rota-ed? Rotad? Rotaed? They all look weird!


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I wouldn't use it as a verb, you can use "rostered" or "scheduled" as alternatives.
if forced to I would use rota'd but I agree that rostered or scheduled would be better.
or shes been put on the rota to work blah
there are some words and word forms that are not written - innit

no one would write - " it's foo innit?" but you see this on a daily basis on AB - the voice of reason and temperance - and logic
and sense

technically rota is a Latin noun and it is being used as verb/ participle. There is a verb roster - which has a past participle rostered
clearly related
Yeah foo
in Mayor of Casterbridge - by the famous author Hardy. Henchard tried to out-Farfrae, Farfrae - based they say on out-herod , Herod (*)

but he never uses a past tense.

(*) at a wedding - flinging hinself around as in C19 daddy dancing

just saying and trying to help
I've just checked with the Oxford English Dictionary, where 'rota' is only recognised as a noun (and not as a verb).

Like, TCL, I'd prefer to go with 'rostered' or similar.

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Rota'd, Rotad, Rotaed Or Rota-Ed?

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