Is It Possible To Hire An Editor To Make My Story More Professional?

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Lombax | 22:15 Sat 15th Aug 2020 | Arts & Literature
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I'm not so good at writing. So i was wondering if i can write the first draft of a story, and than hire an editor to re-write it and improve it. Like for example, making the sentence structure better and more professional. And using the right words (etc).


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Any freelance proofreader will do this for you, for a fee of course. Google it.
A proofreader will only check spelling, punctuation and other minor issues - not hep with ‘re-writing’
I was about to say the same thing. There are those who offer proofreading and/or editing but they are different services and the costs vary accordingly.
JIM, that is not correct. Whilst looking at whether proofreaders also edit, one specifically said she did not edit.
I have a feeling that the poster is looking for someone who can give advice on how to develop the plot of the story that he/she has in mind.
In that case, he needs a ghostwriter. Above advice - just substitute "ghostwriter" for "proofreader".
Hi Lombax, I'm not a professional editor, but I have edited several novels of one of the authors who was in our local writers' group and some of those said books are now up on Kindle...if that's of any recommendation?...I hope I'm doing this part of AB okay and my answer works; this is woodelf just in case!
Ask Bobbisox , she is writing a book , right now
Or ask smow...she's done proofreading.
Have you considered teaching yourself to write by writing a first draft then reading it with a critical eye and improving it? I don't know what is your motivation to write; if you think you have the ability to come up with a brilliant story that might make you a lot of money, but you don't believe you could ever write it up in a competent way, then perhaps take the advice of others here and look for a collaborator.

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Is It Possible To Hire An Editor To Make My Story More Professional?

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