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AB Book Club Voting (July/August)

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AB Editor | 15:28 Mon 09th Jul 2012 | Arts & Literature
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Thanks Ed - 'vote early, vote often' :)
kashmir shawl is good
Is that in the list dotty?
Question Author
what list?

I've voted for the only one of them I've ever heard of....
The titles in the poll list are clickable to Amazon pages - with plot summaries & reviews
Don't think I'll be joining in with that one; they all sound awful (sorry!)
I like the idea that we haven't heard of the titles or that we might not choose these books ourselves. For me that's the whole point of the book club. I have no desire to reread books or to read the usual best sellers, I want to discover the unknown.

Great list Dave. At some stage I shall read the one I've voted for even if it doesn't make it as book of the month.
Vile Bodies is a book of sublime brilliance.

It's spent many summer's days travelling around in my bag, all dog eared and battered, and pulled out in the pub or coffee shop.

Everyone who has ever been young should read Vile Bodies.

For that reason, and because I'd love to read it again ... I'm voting for it.

It's one of those books, like Three Men In A Boat, that you can only read in the summer.
I haven't read Vile Bodies, thats one that got away, I know what you mean about reading Three Men in a Boat during the Summer jj. I have that book and that's when I usually re-read it. I read Erskine Childers Riddle of the Sands when I get cosy in winter.........the latter is not a book to make you laugh sorry.
AYG ... I might buy that, and keep it for when the weather is cold and bleak.

So, err ... this week, then?
Keep Voting :)

As per last time the top two in the final standings will be the joint AB BOTM - discussion will start at the beginning of September.
Don't mind discovering new books but have just read reviews of these so I could vote and couldn't choose one to vote for! Will admit I am very discriminating of books but life's too short to plough through a book you're not enjoying; will maybe check out winner at library and see if first page proves me wrong!
I read this book when i was in my late 20's (I think I picked it up because I enjoyed Keith Waterhouse's columns in the Daily Mirror). I can safely say that i have never read anything so continuously funny in my whole life. I've lost the copy I had and oddly have never go around to replacing it up until now (so thank you so much for your question.) I have found a link to a script of the book here:
Mm... tossup between Good Omens (which I’m reading at the moment) or Vile Bodies? Voted for Good Omens, I read it every summer (er what summer?!) and seem to find something new funny or read a different meaning in to some parts every year. My favourite bit is where the authors explain our old monetary system for the enlightenment of the Americans, can I just say as someone who grew up with that system it was not complicated, it was all that we knew!! Vile Bodies lost out only because I used it as part of my dissertation last year and it lost a bit of its humour having to analyse then analyse again then analyse the analysis!!
Looks like we have a clear winner.

New thread will be posted in a few mins, can you close the poll please Ed

Ta xx
The Mary Ann Shaffer book is Kenneth Branaghs next film

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