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AB Book Club Voting (2nd Attempt!)

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AB Editor | 10:01 Wed 13th Jun 2012 | Arts & Literature
28 Answers
Sorry for the last one, it appears to be misbehaving. Here is a repost. Please vote once again.

This poll is closed.

  • Peter James – ‘Dead Simple’ - 18 votes
  • 23%
  • Tess Gerritsen - ‘The Surgeon’ - 18 votes
  • 23%
  • Val McDermid – ‘A Place of Execution’ - 16 votes
  • 21%
  • Michael Chabon - 'The Yiddish Policeman's Union' - 12 votes
  • 16%
  • Mo Hayder - ‘Hanging Hill’ - 7 votes
  • 9%
  • Christopher Fowler - ‘Full Dark House’ - 6 votes
  • 8%

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Question Author
Again, I can only apologise for the way the last poll turned out, the system fell over for some reason!
have already read most of them!
Question Author
Maybe you've got some great insights for the discussion afterwards?

Or you could vote for one you haven't read? Which are you missing?
When the AB Radio Show comes out in book version, can it be considered please?
have voted for one that I haven't read.
Question Author
You'll have to ask Sunny-Dave?
Question Author
Which one was it NB?
Full Dark House ,Ab Editor this is a new author for me. (hope its not about vampires though! not my cup of coffee.) Suppose I should have looked it up Ist!
I am addicted to Peter James and Val Mcdermid ,Tess Gresham can be a bit hit and miss some good some just average. Started The Yiddish Policeman's union but couldn't take to it.
Question Author
Shame about the TYPU, it becomes a profoundly good book. Not to everyone's taste though I admit.

I've not read much crime, so I've got no idea what makes a good-un! What do people look for? Beside bodies I suppose?
Question Author
Thanks everyone for their votes, looks like Tess is in the lead at the moment. The poll will be live until Monday and then I guess we'll read and discuss? Sunny-Dave will be back around then to host I hope :)
Thanks Ed - I should be around on Monday to post the results and remind people of the timetable.

Mrs Overall - I think your shining wit (careful with the spoonerisms, dave) would cast the other authors into despair ...
Thanks for fixing the poll Ed. I've voted now. As this is a new genre for me I'm keen to try something new.
What makes a good crime story- well for me the body(s) need to have some bearing on the plot not just gory murders etc.The Peter James book also has a sub theme running through the Roy Grace series (still writing more in this series )this sub theme is as addictive as the solving of the murders. He realy breaths life into his characters and I for one cann't wait for the next book.
for me its the grislier the better....warped minds and equally damaged detectives
I didn't like the one that is winning, 'The Surgeon' so I wouldn't want to try reading it again. I thought I would like it because I have been watching the series based on it, Rizzolli and Isles, and I liked that, but as usual the book is not always how you imagined it. Perhaps I should have read the book first and watched the series second.
Starbuck ,I alwys find that reading the book Ist is a bad idea ,the series or film never matches up. Worst one ever was The English Patient , a book about a love and sexual obsession the film was nothing like it.
I did'nt like the Rizzolli & Isles tv series...watched a if the winning
book is Tess Gerritson..I hope the book is better, otherwise I will be
putting it aside.
I enjoy Peter James and the Roy Grace series, but I find that he doesn't go far enough into the characters lives, when the crime has been solved.....if you see what I mean.
Peter James - "Dead Simple"
Getting tense now ... vote now whilst stocks last - poll should be open until tomorrow (if the gnomes have wound the elastic band properly) ...

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AB Book Club Voting (2nd Attempt!)

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