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Creator alien from Prometheus film similar to art work

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Anngel123 | 19:05 Wed 13th Jun 2012 | Arts & Literature
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Hello all, I have already posted this on the Media and TV thread, but hold to gather in some Art people in my hunt. The alien in Prometheus bears a striking resemblance to a picture I vaguely recall. It is in the Art Deco/Surreal style and shows a grey head, side on with possibly clockwork in the brain. Can anyone put me out of my misery and identify the picture/artist? Many thanks indeed.


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I imagine you're thinking of some of H R Geiger's work - it cerainly has a surreal art deco feel

something like this?


He actually was the alien's designer

here's his website
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Thanks jake, but it is not the Alien but its creator that I am interested in. They are grey with a very Roman nose and sunken eyes....
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Oh dear, this is embarrassing. Just had a flash of inspiration. What I was remembering was a Pink Floyd album cover.the Division Bell...nothing like a painting at all.. although I suppose it is a kind of art.
I saw the film this week and there was something familiar about the appearance but I haven't manage to recall just what it is yet. If it comes to mind I'll let you know.
I was reminded of William Blake's figures such as the Ghost of a Flea. Google him; see if you agree.

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Creator alien from Prometheus film similar to art work

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