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Ghostly fiction novels.

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Garmard | 13:30 Tue 05th Jul 2011 | Arts & Literature
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Any AB'er's got any ideas for a good ghostly fiction read.

I'm in a dilemma as i have ran out of books to read and fancy being scared to death!


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Try some M.R. James - they are short stories rather than novels but very, very scary!
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Thanks wease.
I read one a few years ago called 'Toady' which was quite good.

I also recall reading one set in the US whereby a family had to stay with a great-aunt in an old house. She used to be a ballet instructor and every night the family would see a ghostly figure dancing on the lawn. Cant remember what it was called but wouldnt mind revisiting it.

I think 'Pet Cemetary' sticks out as a book that was truly frightening.
The scariest book I have ever read is called Of Darkness and Light by Barry Graham. I've loaned it to various (not easily scared) people and they have all said it scared the bejesus out of them.
Dickens wrote a couple of good ghost stories. I would also recommend The Ghosts of Sleath by James Herbert.
The Woman in the Fifth by Douglas Kennedy. He doesn't usually do ghost stories, but this scared me!
The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. V scary.
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Try anything by Shirley Jackson.... or O. Henry, also J Sheridan Le Fanu.....
I like Peter Straub - he has great style and his stories are always interestingly constructed
Or anything by Robert R. McCammon
If you can still get them, try anything by Dennis Wheatley - lots of black magic. I read them all in the 1950s - The Ka of Gifford Hillary is one I remember well.

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Ghostly fiction novels.

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