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baitress | 11:02 Mon 22nd Nov 2010 | Books & Authors
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I have just finished the latest Jack Reacher novel
by the above named.
In one word brilliant.


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Me too - finished it last night.

I was lucky enough to find the first JR novel in a library, and have read them all in order.

I think I'm going to re-read them all, because i enjoyed them so much.
Agree, they are all excellent. Haven't read the latest one yet - am on the waiting list at the library - but really looking forward to it.
Reacher is my hardback indulgence - I waited over two months at the library for one once, and I simply went and bought it as a treat for myself - and enjoyed it even more because of it.
I heard a rumor that they are going to make a film from one of the books (not sure which one) but I really hope they don't change Reacher.
I've heard that too.

For reasons i can't explain - i always see kevin Spacey as Reacher. I know he hasn't the height or build, but he just seems right for the role - but I also think Daniel Craig would be perfect, with a little poetic licence for the height and builk issues.
We've spoken of this before, Andy. There is a physical description of Jack Reacher in pretty well every book about him. Here's a typical one from <i>Bad Luck and Trouble</i>...
"Six-five, two-fifty, hands as big as frozen turkeys...forearms like Frankenstein's monster."
And, later in the same book...
"His arms were like a gorilla's only longer and thicker."
Elsewhere, one of his women friends describes him as being "like a six and a half foot condom stuffed with walnuts", which Lee Child actually ‘borrowed' from a book by Clive James. There is not a shred of doubt what this guy looks like in the author's mind.
Of course, film directors - and readers - are not obliged to stick to a writer's depiction of any given, Kevin Spacey, if you like...but there can be only a handful of actors around who fit the bill as far as Lee Child is concerned. Arnold Schwarzeneger at one time possibly, but, for me, Kevin just ain't Jack Reacher!
poetic licence means that they can get away with anything. In the morse books, lewis is an older man than morse
We have indeed QM.

Although my mental vision of reacher is mr Spacey, i would feel most aggrieved if any casting director agreed with me!

As you say, Arnie's build would cut it, but not his acting ability - let's hope they find someone who will appeal to the massive army of reacher fans.
Absolutely, Andy. By the way, do you know whether there are any plans afoot to MAKE a film of any of the novels?
ok, so you all have me intrigued, i might download one - what's the first one please?
Here you go bednobs -
QM - last I heard, there were 'discussions', but nothing is solid yet.

I think in view of the 'Bourne' film successes, they would be sure of a good audience.
I always imagine Reacher to be like Clint Walker.....
Now there's a blast from the past!
I just Googled Clint Walker, and as you say craft, he is perfect for the role - height-wise, looks-wise, and acting style, all tick the boxes.

Only one minor problem with Clint signing up for the role - he's eighty-three!!!
I love Jack Reacher as well and have converted my son!

It's a shame Clint Eastwood is as old as he is, because I can just see him playing Jack.
Thanks, Andy...let's hope the discussions bear fruit. As long as they don't involve some "little guy", such as Tom Cruise, I'm sure I'll be able to accept most potential Reachers!
Tom Cruise is about as far from JR as I could conceive - which may make him an ideal choice for the Hollywood money-masters!

Gawd, I hope not!!!

Maybe Graham Norton? Alan Carr, Michael Barrymore? Alan Titchmarsh?

OK, I'll stop now!

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