if i didnlt communicate with my customers for 12 days they would worry

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dot.hawkes | 11:59 Mon 24th Nov 2008 | Site Suggestions
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now that is meant as a criticism not a concern and so don;t get me wrong. : )


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well technically- we aren't the Ed's customers. His customers are the ones who pay to have their ads on these pages. We're just the inconvenience he has to put up in order to get those customers.
Hey get off his back.

hes still doing a good job.

And if some of your customers were as critical im sure thered be mutters when they were away


Leave him to get on with it , hes probably fed up after all the answerbankgate report facility rubbish.
They say if you ignore folk when theyre pestering you , they go away.

D T H?
Question Author
nope don't agree leg, i think he's been on holiday and not told us.

B00 has it right
Dot the criticism he got , the one weekend was unwarranted for sure.

And im sure you mustve noticed some users jumping on the bandwagon using the report arguement as an excuse to have a go at the ed.

Some users because theyd quite rightly had many names banned use dthat.

So i dont and wont blame him.
This isnt a criticism f you or the others merely an observation , and a correct one at that , that the ed came in for unwarranted criticism.

Im sure you must agree, as its undeniable , that the new ed has improved the site immensdely.
Though some things still need sorted.
What has he improved Legend? In your opinion- obviously.
Question Author
dwelling and pondering on your query to leg for a moment there B00, interestingly, since the threat from the ed of excommunication of anyone caught being a turnip on here, it has gone better, is this because the threat got rid of the eejits, or did the eejits doing the silly stuff think they better stick to their normal id or get found out???
Lol, I dunno dotty to be honest (Hi by the way!), yes the twonks have lessened a bit, still some around and still nasty 'greenies' occasionaly try to stir up trouble, though again not as many. I was just wondering how the site has improved, in Legend's eyes.

And just to clarify, I perosnally dont think the flak the Ed recieved over the TCL kerfuffle was unjustified. He was the one who was initially snotty towards TCL- but that's old ground I guess.

I've personally nothing against the Ed at all, I just refuse to brown nose him because bascially I'm an awkward cow ;-)
Question Author
exactly B00, you are, : ) I'm just not a whole lot bothered about authority in general like
LOL Boo. Some very obvious brown nosing!!

Must rush, have to get back to the knitting circle...............................
I know a lot of the trouble was/is in CB but there's nastiness going on in other categories, so let's hope he sorts those out too.
I've never had a reply to any of my emails....but I'm not bitter

..... :o)
did someone mention beer..(:O)

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if i didnlt communicate with my customers for 12 days they would worry

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