Baby P-STILL allowing contempt

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THECORBYLOON | 23:27 Fri 21st Nov 2008 | Site Suggestions
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I suggest you do something to prevent any more illegal posts before you get a chap on the door and you're hoyed off never to be seen or heard of again!

Then again.....


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yes, me. I quite like to see the law obeyed.
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Hi there Corby howya doin?! I'm now getting confused as I can only see a news item about poor Baby P and not any AB answers - don't want to get embroiled into any arguements, but what is going on??
I think it's something to do with the names and addresses of the people involved being posted on here numerous times.
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There is a thread in another topic naming those involved. I've telt the AB Editor but it is there still.
Knobby you may think that contempt of court is petty and may think I'm boring but I beg to differ and more importantly, so do the Met.
You chose to make a contribution to this thread, you've not been pulled in to it so how about YOU move on, eh?
TCL - give it a rest?

By the way, it's not "telt" it's "told"

You may be Scottish and proud of it, but written debate is conventionally conducted in English, not pidgin Scots.

I agree Corby. I've just been looking at a group on FB which names the mother- i've no idea how many more there are on there.This can't be right- how the hell can there be a fair trial?
The trial has concluded and they have all been found guilty,.

They had a very fair trial.
Everybody who wants to know already knows who they are. They will get 14 years, and be out in 7, assuming of course that the word doesn't go around in the prison, and that their cell door isn't accidentally left unlocked when nobody is looking and I so really hope that happens.

Killing a child? Beating it to death, breaking its back. Utter scum.
Slicing his fingers tips off.....pulling his nails out with plyers....

Nazi concentration camps....!!!
Question Author
Gormless I am more than willing to have a debate but you have contributed nothing that I can see. You asked a question but I think you intended it to be an instruction. You then raised the issue of the use of the word "telt" rather than "told," I fail to see how the use of dialect weakens an argument.
TCL, but why use dialect? Just write the whole thing in Garlic, why just the occasional word like "telt". It's too contrived.
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Garlic, my how I laughed! Meanwhile, back at the debate, your argument for ignoring a Court Order, a charge of Contempt and a possible two years in prison is what exactly?
But if the perpertrators have been found guilty then it doesn't matter if everyone knows their names, because when they leave prison they will have new identities and that is shamefull!
I understand what you're trying to say here TCL and quite rightly so.

This case has touched a heck of a lot of people, there is a lot of anger surrounding the whole issue. People are angry because the names of those responsible are not being made public.

There is probably a good reason for this. But when emotions are running high, common sense goes out the window.

I think folk just want to see the guilty named and shamed.

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Baby P-STILL allowing contempt

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