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swedeheart | 14:15 Sat 18th Oct 2008 | Site Suggestions
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(Following on from gen2's previous input.) If everybody's profiles were working reliably the no-reply notification emails wouldn't be necessary at all.

When you click Subscribed threads and the list of titles to your subscribed threads appears, there could be a notification icon next to those which have received new answers since last you yourself viewed that particular thread.

By the same token, when you click Q's I gave answers to, there could be a notification icon next to those threads which have received answers by other ABers after you yourself gave your answer. Flickr, for instance, have that feature in the form of a sentence saying (for instance) "Three comments since yours."

And so on and so forth. Oh and for every single thread in your profile there should be an option to untick the notification system for that particular thread - for instance if you yourself have given an answer about say lightbulbs but you don't give a hoot what lightbulb replies others will be giving following yours. Personally, though, I would use such a feature a lot. I'm not interested in my own reply only :-)

I'd definitely prefer checking for answers, actively.


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this seems to make sense
excellent sweedie...and if those suggestions are used any 'tick boxes' should be little clickable meatballs :o)

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An excellent idea swede, over to you Ed.
Chance to have all My Profiles working would be wonderful.
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Another option would be to see our notifications bottom right (or left ;-) on the screen à la Facebook, automatically on logging in.

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