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THECORBYLOON | 22:57 Mon 09th Jun 2008 | Site Suggestions
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"Euro 2008 without England!

How do you feel?
Gutted! You can't have a football tournment (sic) without England.

Couldn't care less not interested in football

What if we're interested in football but couldn't care less about England?

Who writes these polls, do they not understand there's more than just English folk on this site? .


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Hear Hear CORBY
Well there's always the crazy notion of not voting on the poll at all ;-)
Bit annoyed that I cant support anyone but really enjoying the games otherwise.
Actually, I am enjoying the fact that England are not there. I can watch a tournament without the usual bollox from the pundits and papers.

I particularly enjoyed seeing the Italians get stuffed last night.
Question Author
I do have that option B00 as wi any other poll but ma point is that it shows complete disregard for the three other Home Nations,
Why the wi and ma, do you mean WITH and MY ?

This is England, please spell correctly and not parochially.

O I posted a thread on this and was castigated for it -just shows ya.

I also am enjoying the tournament more as England arent in it -not because of the team but yet agin the bleeding pundits- with constant references to 19 bleeing 66.

I agree tho -I havent voted on the poll -cant for the life of me understand why it was put there in the first place -I really find it strange and like I said in my thread even English people must find it strange.

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