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snapdarlich | 14:42 Thu 22nd Nov 2007 | Site Suggestions
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Loving the new AB btw! Is there anyway to set a pop up notice when you're signed in. I keep missing the fact I'm getting stuff in my inbox! lol


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Simply just look on the counter under your username "New Messages". It's pretty obvoius, isn't it?
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*sighs* yes, but regular use of sites with a PM function will soon show you how easily new messages are missed. Just wondered if there were any plans to have pop up notifications or did I not make that clear in my first question?
I don't have problem with the PM function......................probably because I have no friends :(
I'm Billy No Mates aswell. How do you get any?
PB if you click on someone elses picture it will come up inviting them to be your friend, just click on it, they will get a pm and accept or not as the case may be.
Can I stand the knock backs? Sounds a bit like being a teenager again.
ha ha, well that is the question.
Hi snapdarlich. Good suggestion. I have found I'm not noticing either when I have a PM , I just don't tend to glance up that way often I guess lol On SAB you got an e-mail notification when you had a new PM, I wonder if that will continue on here once all the glitches have been ironed out? Anyway apart from not noticing I have PM's I am LOVING the new look!!!!
I have recieved email notifications to say I have a new private message on here. But as I dont stay logged into my email account, it doesnt help.
The pop ups would be a good idea though.
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Awww....mrs overall...I'll add you if you like? Lol

And you panic button!

And in fact....everyone in this don't think I'm stalking you if you get an invitation!! Lol

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