Why am I grey and not green??

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Joe_the_Lion | 20:25 Mon 02nd Apr 2007 | Site Suggestions
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Why am I grey?? How long before I turn green. Green is a nicer colour.

What ABer would you most want to spend a night with?

How do I lose 3 stone in a week?

I am off to the Lodge for a long game of canasta. Upon my return I expect some answers to these questions.



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Question Author
PS if you do not spot the irony here, hey ho.
Is there any irony here ?

A joke maybe, "off to the Lodge"
are you a real lion?
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Will someone please say they would like to spend the night with wardy, he obviously needs an ego boost!!

If you want to loose some fat off that lardy a$$ of yours, try getting a job, so you are not sat on it 24/7!!

You crease me up you bone idle fool!!!
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Grey- Because you're not as young as you used to be.
ABer- Would have to be Bob. (whether he likes it or not!!!)
3 stone- Don't eat!!! Oh, and run your socks off 24 hours a day for the whole week.
Hope this has helped Joe.x
I don't see no irony. I sensed a little onomatopoeia surrounded delicately with a twist of tintinnabulation.....nothing wrong with that is there then?
JohnL would make him turn green:-))))
Joe, if you take up the game of marbles you might lose a few stones.
Stewey, am happily married but find your obvious intelligence really attractive. What grade did you get in English ??
What a coincidence! You know I just asked that today, Lion! And don't need to be nervous anymore, I know this doubt is ruining your life, but I will tell you, you grey because you are an older member! (hehehe)

What ABer I'd like to spend a night? well, I am a newbie here but you, with your nickname Lion, seem quite sexy... grooooaaaarrrrrrrrrr....

About your weight, don't lose it, you are charming as you are, but if you want I can send you a miraculous new magical diet I read on a book that you can eat eat eat and the more you eat the more you lose weight?
Thank you please
walter mitty comes to mind,if only lol
Same initial's shanx.....Ward- Minter...Walter Mitty;-)
joe when you entertain tell us about your friends lol ,lady who name names i am interested, truely lol,let me think? teddy , andy pandy,mr plod,barney , cuthbut , flowerpot men and sad joe lol
Question Author
What lovely answers. It is just a shame there is little humour amongst them.

As your school reports no doubt said, "Can do better"
Green is a lovely colour.....My fav


Eat dodgy prawns

nite joe
It,s obvious you are grey cuz you aint green anymore (and you hav.nt been for quite a while ,to loose 3stone go and see your mate johnlambert and he will knock your fckin head off for you ,that should be about three stone cuz you are full of crap. is that enough humour for you.
Question Author
What a lovely man you are. I envisage a string of failed relationships, a poorly paid job and a dead grandfather you once admired.

Points out of 3?

Sorry I have not used words like aint and cuz, I went to a decent school.

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Why am I grey and not green??

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