Totally silly question!

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ReinaLuna | 18:10 Mon 02nd Apr 2007 | Site Suggestions
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Where should I post a silly question I have about usernames here in AB? I'm a bit puzzled about that and at the same time curious.... :o)


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wherever u fancy i guess...
post it in the post box...that red thing down the street
Well normally posts like that go in society and culture :o) or in here...
Question Author
So, I will post here, but don't complain afterwards, it's MissyR's fault! (hehehehe just joking missy)

Probably any new person here already asked that but.... why some users are green and others are grey??? Is it because of the amount of questions/answers posted, or the time you are here?

Zorro, I could do that, but then, who would I address my question to? and it might take too long for a reply so I prefer to try it here :o)
Normally, we don't do silly questions around here, and we certainly do not tolerate silly answers. However, because you are a Newbie and seem quite polite go ahead and post your question and we will see what happens.
Oops, ReinaLuna, you're way ahead of me!
ReinaLuna - new people on here are shown in green for two weeks then their names turn grey.
Question Author
Thank you, I suspected it was something like that, but my curiosity won over me and I didn't resist in asking!
And sometimes, Reina, gray people turn green after reading some of the answers! I've done that myself: usually the morning after a few wobbly-pops the night before.......Did I write that last night??!!
Question Author
hahahaha you're very funny, I loved this wobbly-pops thing!!!
Hi Reinaluna i hope you are ok i have read some where you have had problems with neighbours.
Dont let i get to you tomorrow will be a better day.
Question Author
thank you so much mrknowall, it's true, since we've moved here, this couple who live downstairs won't leave us alone.
problem is, sometimes you don't want to have prejudice against people but you must accept it's not very good to mix with people who are not the same level as you are.
I am quite educated and polite, my boyfriend the same, but they are those kind of low level people who shout all the time, barely know how to speak and even if you avoid confusion with them, they will search you and give it... yesterday was really a shocking time when they started to shout at my bf when he was getting back home and accusing him of "stepping on some flowers", he said sorry he didn't (and even if he did, it's not a reason for you to shout and swear) just for the man to reply: next time you give me trouble I will slit your throat!

I am still shocked, but getting better, having a good laugh here with the funny posts... :o)
Perhaps you should move?
Who would want to live there it sounds like youre in the ghetto.
Question Author
Hahahaah Opera!
It does, doesn't it? I feel quite ashamed.
Also guess it was a question of bad luck because all the other flats which are occupied seem to have more normal people, even their cars are better, they work, and exactly these couple downstairs is the odd one, the woman works, the man seems to stay at home the whole day... well, we are searching for places to move but it's not easy to find something exactly the way you want! Have to have patience.... thanks for the suggestion anyway, it's the most sensible thing to do!
Here is how you do ♫♫♫♫♫
I hope you are ok today?
read below

click start left hand corner
Then click your all programs
Then click Accessories
Then click System Tools
Then click Character Map
Then change your font to Times New Roman
Then scroll up and down to look for
♫♫☻☻♪♪☺☺ symbols
Then right click on the symbol
And press select
Then press copy
Then when you are writing on here left click and select paste
♫♫♪♪ ♫♫♪♪
Wow Mrknowall, your name fits you perfect! ☺☺☺☺ :-)
Question Author
♪♪♪♪ music to my ears (ups, eyes!) ♪♪♪♪
hahahaha many thanks mrknowall, you are such a sweetie!!!
And yes, I am very well today, having a nice calm week, hope you are ok too!
"Im fine"
Im glad you have worked it out
Have a good weekend Reina

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