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robbo82 | 17:41 Wed 24th Jan 2007 | Site Suggestions
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Now that everyone has had a chance to get used to the subsections and see what they think, I think the time has come to reassess them and make any necessary modifications. My main point of contention, as it has always been, is the sheer number of them. Taking Music as an example, the vast majority of people seem to bypass them and just use the main section. Gigs and Clubs, for example, has only had five questions in the last week, none of which have been answered. Can AB Ed please have a look at how popular each subsection is and dispose of those that aren't used regularly, thus slimlining AB again.


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I have suggested the same thing about music in the past and would like to second the idea of revisiting this. The subsections in this topic are clearly unnecessary.

China Doll
I agree, the subsections in a lot of the topics are unnecessary. Quizzes and Puzzles being one.
Travel is another.
A valid point, well made ... where do I sign?
Agreed, I hereby sign my name to the cause.
Please don't take away Quizzes and Puzzles - just train the ones who put those questions in ALL the other categories to use it!!!
The new Ed must have done homework on this point and wider related issues, and be well aware of many views.

I think it is too early to expect an inititive yet from the new Ed - but, with the current pace of change .... I shouldn't think that ABers will have to wait long?
I agree wholeheartedly and have said so several times. What, for example, is the point of having a section entitled "Food & Drink" (into which posts can be made), with two sub-sections, one called "Food" and the other, "Drinks"?

87 topics is too many!

In my opinion, if a topic has sub-sections, it should not be possible to post directly into the main topic; this would encourage posters to select an appropiate sub-section.
The trouble is with these subsections that so many things are either in the wrong sections because people just want to post, they don't want to spend ages thinking which sub section it should be in. I think it was much better before the sub sections and you could just click on and see all the new posts instead of trawling through sub section after subsection only to find that nothing has been posted for days. As robbo says, lots of people just bypass them and post on the main section which is kinda what we used to do ..................

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