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A "Feature" We Can Do Without

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Canary42 | 11:30 Tue 02nd Apr 2024 | Site Suggestions
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From time to time I've moaned about the lack of useful features here, but this time I'm moaning about one we could do without.

I refer of course to messing about with the heading words, changing all leading characters to upper case and all following characters to lower case so, for example, BBC becomes Bbc.

Another example -->


Why oh why can't you just leave it as the Poster submits it, what on earth do you gain by mangling it ?






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daft innit

Canary, just wondering how you can tell that's not the way the poster submitted it?

Question Author

Experience Ellie

Question Author

While it is true the link example I gave may represent how it was submitted, but based on my own experiences I doubt it.

That's ok canary

If a thread is about the BBC, that shows up as Bbc in the question.

From memory, there were a few questions written in capitals so the tweak was introduced to prevent that.

//there were a few questions written in capitals //

And that was a problem because... ?


Sensitive souls hate shouting, apparently.

I, on the other hand prefer it to idiotic manufactured crises we're subjected to and forced to believe on pain of punishment. 🙄

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A "Feature" We Can Do Without

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