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My Housemartins Are Back

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rowanwitch | 07:45 Sun 12th May 2024 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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Now summer is nearly here,  it always makes me so happy when they start restoring their nests, and sipping round the block with their raspy little calls.  Should have the swifts ( my favourite birds) in a few more days, they are normally about a week behind. 



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🎵It's happy hour again

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Totally, it's the little things that lift me, that and the blue tits darting in and out of the nest box ,  easily pleased I guess.


Nice to hear they're back with a couple of ABers.

A friend mentioned she heard Thrushes singing in the evening.  I think it may have been Blackbirds she heard.

Do Thrushes sing in the evening?

That's lovely.  I know summer is on its way as I've noticed the traditional first sign where I live - people moaning about their neighbours' bonfired on NextDoor.  

Thushes do sing at dusk and street lights etc mean they often sing in the dark, too.

OK.  Ta.

Heard first swifts screaming round my courtyard this morning -  very  late this year

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Right now I have two blackbirds singing, a mistle thrush and a robin,  just need the wren to join in, it normally starts as it gets dark, just for 10 minutes or so.  So peaceful as they drown out the traffic.

My daughter has a robin's nest in her garage. She is so thrilled.

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Bluetits in a nest box on my balcony,  don't know how many chicks yet but both parents are on non stop feeding duty.

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My Housemartins Are Back

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