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Another Addition To My Balcony Birds

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rowanwitch | 16:35 Tue 09th Apr 2024 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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The ring necked parakeets I heard some months ago are now in the trees adjacent to the flats where I live.  Haven't made it through the pigeon netting yet but  it won't be long... Still feels odd seeing them and I haven' t seen my local woodpecker since they moved into the neighbourhood.  On the plus side a blue tit has been bringing nest materials to the bird box by the window so may have baby bluetits soon. 



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The tits are investigating my boxes and I hear the *** drumming in the morning - not this morning, I don't think he likes the rain.

Blerdy parakeets are about but I've yet to see the hungry horde in my garden. 

Please to report I've heard lots of cgiff chaffs lately but haven't been able to see them

Fortunately the bloody parakeets haven't reached my neck of the woods (yet), but they make a real mess of by brother's sycamore tree (Richmond area).

They're an invasive species and I'm sure many folk would welcome a cull.

The asterisks in my previous is woodpeckers

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Love woodpeckers, but the parakeets will take all their potential nesting holes. 

Yes.  I dread their arrival 

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Another Addition To My Balcony Birds

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